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Oct 25

New facebook group…

Snowgenius has a new facebook group and will be updating it  with the latest news and awesome videos from the web.  Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/snowgenius

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Nov 07

Magic Mountain Lodge have a new website…

For anyone who’s read our review of ski touring in Lyngen here, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the Magic Mountain Lodge in Lyngseidet.  Up until now they’ve only had a facebook page – well now they’ve got a proper website, and here it is: A lodge for outdoor lovers Don’t all book up …

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Sep 30

Lyngen day 8

“Wait a minute!” – I hear you cry.  What happened to day 6?  Well as you can see from the last post one of our party, Will, had to go home so we took him to the ferry at Svensby and said our goodbyes.  Will would be missed – as well as being a thoroughly …

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May 17

Lyngen day 7

Unfortunately for Will, after we dropped him off at the ferry in Svensby the weather started to pick up, and today the weather is glorious.  We wanted to have another go at a higher altitude peak which would offer glacier snow, and opted to take on Tafeltinden, a classic summit just shy of 1400m. We …

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May 09

Lyngen day 5

The weather this morning was glorious so we were pleased to have chosen today to hire Jimmy. We met at 08.40 at the Svensby ferry, and then drove south for a few minutes before turning off into another dirt track, where we left the car. The target was the unnamed peak to the ENE of …

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May 08

Lyngen day 4

The weather was bad again this morning, this time light very strong winds and some rain at sea level. Clearly we would need to stay a little lower to avoid the strongest winds, but unfortunately withe the temperature in the valley hovering around 5 deg C good snow would only be found at higher levels. …

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May 08

Lyngen day 3

Last night the rest of the group decided to take advantage of the clear night and 24 hour sunlight to skin up a mountain we can see from our cottage, the 687m Rundfjellnasen, at 23:30, getting back down at 02:30. They had a great time skinning in what Patrik called the “blue hours” where it’s …

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May 06

Lyngen day 2

One of the things that Patrik told us was that depending what face we decide to ski, we don’t need to be too concerned with what time of day we need to be starting our ascents.  The snow pack at the moment is pretty stable, and of course with close to 24 hours sunlight there …

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May 06

Lyngen day 1

We arrived in Norway yesterday, flying from heathrow to Oslo, and then on to Tromso.  We picked up our car, a Mazda 6 estate, loaded it to the gunwales, and set of in search of  a supermarket to buy some provisions. To British eyes Norwegian supermarkets are strange things. None of us knew any words …

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Apr 04

Patrouille des Glaciers

In three weeks’ time the toughest ski mountaineering race in the world kicks off in Switzerland.  Patrouille des Glaciers is a race from Zermatt to Verbier, following the route of the famous Haute Route.  It has it’s origins in WW2 when Swiss mountain troops were training to defend the South Eastern area of the Swiss …

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