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Banff and Lake Louise

Nestled amid the Banff National Park, the ski areas of Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay benefit from some of the most spectacular winter scenery in the world. Aside from sleepy town of Banff and the small settlements near Lake Louise, this is untouched wilderness, and the drive along the Trans-Canadian highway on a …

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Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse has a cool name and a cool logo in its merchandise.  It also has the fourth highest vertical drop of any North American resort, and four large snow-catching bowls to play in.  The skiing is advanced, and when there’s a lot of snow (which is most of the time) entry to the bowls …

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Whilst a great deal of the enjoyment of skiing in Revelstoke is telling other ski afficionados that you’ve been there and basking in their admiration, Revelstoke is genuinely a skier’s paradise.  Revelstoke Mountain Resort is undergoing a huge program of development to turn it into one of North America’s largest resorts, but for the moment it’s …

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