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Blizzard Bonafide Review

The Blizzard Bonafide has been around for a few years now, and the 2012/2013 ski sticks to the established Blizzard formula of building skis for aggressive skiers who want to rip all over the mountain.

In what is now becoming a standard setup for mid-fat all mountain skis, the Bonafides feature rocker at the tip and tail combined with a slight standard camber underfoot. The 133-98-118mm dimensions give a 21m radius, which – while not quite as tight as some in this category of ski – provides ample sidecut to rail turns on piste, and the two metal layers in the construction give it all the stiffness it needs. Meanwhile, the width and rocker mean it is equally at home in softer snow.

What seems to set the Bonafides apart though is the “flip core” construction method,  where the whole ski is build from scratch to the rockered shape, rather than being forced into it by pressure adjustments in the mold. The video at the bottom of page explains it better than we could!

While the Bonafide is up against a lot of stiff competition in this category, it has had near-universal praise to date, and if you can lay your hands on a pair, it’s definitely an all-mountain ski you should be considering very seriously.

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Extremely versatile
Genuine all-mountain performance

Selling like hot cakes, so you might struggle to find a pair!

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