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Quest 105

Salomon Quest 105 review

Salomon Quest 105The Salomon Quest 105 sits below its fatter brother, the Quest 115, in Salomon’s Quest line-up. In turn, that line-up runs alongside the Salomon Rocker2 line up, and so this ski invites comparisons with the similarly-dimensioned Rocker2 108.

The profile of the Quest 105 is 136-105-128mm, giving a radius of 23m at the 188cm length. In terms of camber, the Quest has a rockered tip and standard camber underfoot, with only a very slight rise at the tail. This is in contrast to the Rocker2, which has a more pronounced tail rocker. The Quest 105 also feature Salomon’s honeycomb tip construction to save weigh, together with a full wood core.

On the snow, comparisons with the Rocker2 are also instructive. On groomed snow the flatter tail of the Quest 105 really aids the edge grip, making this much more stable and capable ski on piste, though perhaps at the expense of some of the “surfy” and “playful” fun that the Rocker2 brings to the party. In powder, the Salomon Quest 105 is also extremely competent, with its width and tip rocker giving plenty of floatation. The only downside here is that the flatter tail doesn’t allow such a clean exit from turns, particularly in wet or heavy snow. Overall, the Salomon Quest 105 prioritises stability and edge grip at the expense of a little soft snow performance, and does without the “surfy” feel of the Rocker2. Whether that’s a trade worth making will be for each individual skier to decide, but there is no doubting that the Quest 105 is an extremely competent ski.

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