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One of the key questions for any skier is whether they should rent ski equipment at the mountain, or buy their own and bring it with them. While nearly everyone starts off renting when they are beginners, the received wisdom is generally that you should aim to buy skis and boots as soon as possible. …

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GoPro HD Hero

In 2009, the small company Woodman Labs shook up the wearable camera market by introducing the GoPro HD Hero. Prior to its introduction, affordable wearable cameras had only been available shooting in standard definition, and this, coupled with the relatively narrow-angle lens they used, meant the footage tended to be somewhat underwhelming – low resolution, …

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GoPro HD Hero 3

GoPro HD Hero 3 – first look GoPro have just announced the release of their third generation of wearable HD sports cameras – the GoPro HD Hero 3. The Hero 3 will be available in three “flavours” – white, silver and the top spec black. All have a form factor that is 30% smaller and …

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Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

Hestra have a long history of making gloves – the company was founded in 1936 in Hestra, Sweden, and originally made gloves for the local lumberjacks. They are now one of better known ski glove manufacturers at the top end of the market, so when Snowgenius’ old pair of gloves finally expired and (and no …

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Introduction to ski kit

For newcomers to skiing the sport seems to come with a lot of paraphernalia.  Sadly there is no escaping the amount of kit you need to have, and as you progress in the sport you’ll find that there’s more and more kit that you’ll need (or more accurately, want) to buy.  The good news is …

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Marmot Sidecountry 20

Marmot Sidecountry 20 Review The Marmot Sidecountry 20 is, as its name suggests, a 20 litre pack that is aimed at those who  want to explore the lift-accessed ‘sidecountry’ terrain at a ski resort, and so need a pack large enough to carry the essential safety equipment (shovel and probe) plus some additional clothing and …

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North Face Nuptse Vest

North Face Nuptse Vest The North Face Nuptse Vest is a classic. With a name is derived from the Nuptse Mountain in the Himalayas, it’s a vest (or, as we might say in Europe, a gillet…) which is equally at home on the side of a mountain, keeping warm around a ski resort or even just mooching …

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Oakley Airwave Goggles

Oakley Airwave Goggles Oakley have joined forces with Recon Instruments to integrate Recon’s fighter-pilot style heads-up display into into Oakley’s high end goggles. The Oakley Airwaves cram and impressive amount of technology into a pair of goggles. An onboard accelerometer, gyro, GPS chip and barometer feed you precise details about your speed, altitude, position and the …

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Patagonia Triolet Jacket

Patagonia Triolet Jacket Review Although we at Snowgenius love the latest skiing gear, amazingly I had managed to make do with the same faithful Helly Hansen ski jacket for over 9 years. Eventually the chest pocket zipper entirely broke (it being the ideal spot for a piste map) and, while the jacket was still otherwise …

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