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Into The Mind

From the makers of the awesome All.I.Can here is Into The Mind:

Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

This film is accompanied by some guff which isn’t to everyone’s taste, but look past it for incredible visuals and filming from the guys at Sherpas Cinema.  Here’s a taster:

Blur the lines between dream state and reality, as you perceive the world through the minds of many. Into the Mind contemplates the experiences passed between mentors and peers to paint a philosophical portrait of human kind. What drives us to overcome challenge? How do we justify risk? What forces are at the core of a mountain addiction? Unique athlete segments over a multitude of mountain sport genres, depict the connectivity of Earth and window into never seen before moments. Explore how we begin our perception of self, construct the foundations of confidence, and are ultimately led to the path of self-actualization.

Into The Mind stars some of our favourite winter sports  athletes, including Kye Petersen, JP Auclair, and Tom Wallisch.


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