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Experience 98

Rossignol Experience 98 Review

Rossignol Experience 98The Experience 98 is the widest of Rossignol’s Experience line up of skis, which sits in Rossignol’s ski range where the legendary Bandits of old did – true all mountain skis.

The Experience 98 is a powerful and fast ski. As with so many all mountain skis this season, it combines rockered tip and tails with a conventional camber under foot. However, the conventional camber here makes up 70% of the length, so the ski has tons of grip on firmer surfaces. The Experience 98 also features an “extended sidecut”, where the shape continues beyond the normal engagement point of the tip. This means that as you go faster and harder, more of the sidecut can be engaged, giving you even more grip, and allowing you to really rail turns. The dimensions of 139-98-128mm are similar to the Blizzard Bonafides and Volkl Mantas though the latter has a longer radius than the 20m offered by the Experience.

The real strength of the Experience 98 is its ability to make light work of any conditions – it can rail fast turns on hardpack, smash through crud and still float through the powder. It’s a stiff ski and needs to be taken in hand by someone with the skills to use it, but if you can handle it, it represents a true one-quiver ski.

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  • True all mountain ability
  • Fast!


  • Not for intermediates – you need to dominate this ski
  • The boring top sheet graphics…


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