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Big Stix 100

Fischer Big Stix 100 Review

Big Stix 100New for the 2014 season, the Fischer Big Stix 100 is the baby in the Big Stix range, which continues upwards with the Big Stix 110 and 120 models.  The Big Stix range sits alongside the long-established Fischer Watea range – the latter have a more traditional flat tail which better suits all mountain and touring purposes, in contrast to the rockered approach offered by the Big Stix. As the name suggests, the Big Stix 100 is 100mm wide underfoot, with a 131-100-123mm profile give a 21m radius at the 186cm length – fairly tight for a 100mm-wide ski. The ski features both tip and tail rockers, with true twin tip tails to allow it to be ridden switch. Underfoot, a small amount of regular camber provides some edge grip on harder pistes. The Big Stix 100 has an all wood construction for lightness, together with some added carbon for torsional strength.


On the snow, the Big Stix 100 performs much as we’ve come to expect from this kind of mid-fat, rockered tip and tail ski. It has a fun, surfy feel on piste, being happiest to smear out the turns with its twin tip tails rather than carve through curves like its on rails. Things get more interesting as the snow gets deeper – here here the Big Stix 100’s width and predominantly rockered profile start to really make sense, and the ski is smooth and stable through both deep powder as well as chopped up crud. Overall, it probably isn’t truly a “one quiver” ski, but for those who are looking for a predominantly soft snow ski with a surfy approach to the groomers, it could be a nice option.


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