Mar 18

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Ski touring in Lyngen, Norway

As the skiing season starts to wind down the ski touring season is just getting going, and snowgenius has a trip lined up in Lyngen.

Lyngen is well into the Arctic Circle, and as we’re going in the first week of May we’ll be there as Lyngen becomes bathed in 24hr sunlight!  Of course this means that we won’t be able to see the Northern Lights, but on the plus side there’s plenty of scope for midnight summiting.

There are two ways that people tend to approach ski touring in the Lyngen Alps.  We’re opting to hire an apartment from which to embark on a series of day tours. The other, flashier, route is to charter a boat which takes your party from fjord to fjord overnight, leaving you to ski tour a different area every day.

We’re very excited about the trip and hope that snow conditions continue to be good.

We’ll keep you posted with developments as we go along, as well as more information about the area and how best to go about organising your own expedition to the area in case you want to follow in our ski tracks…

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