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Sep 30

Lyngen day 8

“Wait a minute!” – I hear you cry.  What happened to day 6?  Well as you can see from the last post one of our party, Will, had to go home so we took him to the ferry at Svensby and said our goodbyes.  Will would be missed – as well as being a thoroughly …

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May 06

Lyngen day 2

One of the things that Patrik told us was that depending what face we decide to ski, we don’t need to be too concerned with what time of day we need to be starting our ascents.  The snow pack at the moment is pretty stable, and of course with close to 24 hours sunlight there …

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Mar 31

Hot hot Megeve

Snowgenius is in Megeve for the weekend, and it is hot!  It’s 15 deg C in the town, and even on the mountain it doesn’t get much below 10 deg C. But don’t despair, the skiing is still actually quite good.  They’ve done a good job of looking after the pistes, but you need to …

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Jan 02

Morzine – Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let it Rain!

snowgenius is in Morzine for some New Year skiing, hoping to capitalise on some of the tremendous snow that Europe has been receiving.  Unfortunately whilst the snow last week was reportedly excellent, by the time we arrived on the 31st December the temperatures were above freezing and any precipitation was falling as rain.  Yesterday there …

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