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Shreditor 102

K2 Shreditor 102 Review

K2 ShreditorNew for this season, the K2 Shreditor sits at the bottom of a lineup that also includes its fatter brothers, the 112 and 120. With a waist of 102mm, it’s designed to perform both in powder and in firmer conditions. However, while skis such as the Volkl Mantra and Blizzard Bonafide are aimed at skiers who want to ski hard and fast all day, the Shreditor takes a somewhat more laid back, chilled out approach. This is a ski that likes to surf on and through turns, rather than railing them with ultimate precision. While the 133mm tip, 127mm tail and the 70% conventional camber provide enough side cut (a respectable 19m radius) and grip to allow it to carve on piste, its natural style is relaxed and playful – think “surfing” rather than “charging”. A 30% rocker tip and tail add flotation in the deep stuff while keeping the ski agile into and out of turns. The full wood core with no metal make it reasonably light, while K2 have helpfully included tip grommets to allow the easy mounting of skins for touring. It’s a great option for someone who prefers to ski in soft snow and wants a fun ride all over the mountain!

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  • Superb fun in all mountain conditions
  • Light weight construction


  • Not much, though there are more piste-focused all-mountain skis out there if that is your thing

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