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Rocker 2 92

Salomon Rocker 2 92 Review

The Salomon Rocker 2 92 is the smaller brother of the Rocker 108 (reviewed here). The 92 (so called because, erm,  it’s 91mm underfoot, at least at the 171cm length) is more of an all-mountain offering than its big sibling, happy to take on pistes, park and powder, and everything in between.

The Rocker 2 92 has twin tips and rocker setup at the tip and tail, together with a traditional positive camber underfoot. The early user experiences suggest that it’s a fun, playful ski, and a great jack of all trades, at home in the park, in amongst the trees, on piste and in powder. The rockered shape aids turn initiation, though with dimensions of 123-91-116, it has a radius of almost 20m, substantially more than some competitor skis in this bracket.

Overall, the Rocker 2 92 is a great option if you want a fun, relaxed twin tip which can take a bit of everything and that doesn’t need skiing too hard. If you want to really rail some turns on piste though, you might be better off looking at the Scott Crusades, the K2 Aftershocks or the Volkl Mantras, which all offer a somewhat more aggressive ski with a similar width underfoot, but without the twin tips.

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  • Playful, fun ski
  • Performs well all over the mountain


  • Jack of all trades, but master of none?

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