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Ski mountaineering has a fast growing following.  The offspring of off-piste skiing and mountaineering, it attracts skiers with an adventurous spirit who want to get access to snow fields that the masses can’t reach, but who also relish the physical challenge of a human powered ascent.  It’s exciting and rewarding, and whilst you don’t have to be a skiing god to do it, it is only for experienced skiers who can handle all types of off piste terrain.  Find out more on

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Safety advice

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Ski touring in the Lyngen Alps, Norway

When the time came to write this article about Lyngen, I had to think twice.  On the one hand, Lyngen is an amazing, largely undiscovered (by the masses), beautiful skiing wilderness with challenging ascents and descents, scenery like nowhere else on earth, no ski lifts, and very few tourists.  On the other hand, one of …

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Ski-mountaineering – equipment overview

If you like kit, and I do, ski-mountaineering provides an excellent excuse to buy lots of exciting stuff.  However in almost all cases, everything you buy will need to be carried on your back, so every piece of kit needs to have a purpose.  All else equal, weight is probably the biggest factor in how …

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The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

For all you backcountry powder hounds out there, this piece is worth reading: NYTimes – Snow Fall; The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

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