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Kung Fujas

K2 Kung Fujas Review

KungFujasThe K2 Kung Fujas are a pair of skis that really are designed to handle any terrain. While there are loads of skis that are marketed as being ‘all mountain’ capable (take a look at our other reviews – it’s a rare ski that isn’t these days) but the Kung Fujas mix some park ability in to the standard powder ‘n’ piste capability. So how do they shape up?

With dimensions of 133-102-127mm, the Fujas fall into broadly the same size category as the Blizzard Bonafide and the Volkl Mantra. They also feature the almost standard combination of rocketed tips and tails with some grippy regular camber underfoot. However, the Kung Fujas have some additional features that serve to increase their versatility. They are a true twin tip, and have what K2 are grandly calling a “bi-directional taper”. This means that the tip is only slightly wider than the tail – allowing the Fujas to carve pretty much the same arc going forward and riding switch (around 19m for the 179cm length). The widest point at the front of the ski has also been pulled back by 7cm, which reduces the amount of deflection in poor snow. The tips and tails also feature attachment points for skins, so the Fujas even cover the touring market!

On the snow, the Kung Fujas are great fun. As befits a ski that is at home in the park, they are less stiff than some of their more strait-laced competitors, but that just adds to the enjoyment of blasting around on them. While they can still lay down tight lines all over the mountain, if you’ve absolutely no interest in ever riding switch or playing in the terrain park there are probably better options out there for you. If however you want a ski that truly can go anywhere and do anything, the Fujas provide the full package.

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  • True ‘all mountain’ ability – piste, powder, park, forwards, backwards… any which way you like
  • Who knows, could open the door to a whole new world of skiing…!


  • If your interests are a bit more focussed, you’ll probably want a more focussed pair of skis
  • We’re not mad on the dull beige topsheet design for the 2013 ski…


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