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Blizzard Brahma Review


blizzard-brahma-2014New for the 2014 season, the Blizzard Brahma is, at 88mm underfoot, 10mm narrower than its big brother in the Blizzard Free Mountain series , the Bonafide. However, the Brahma shares the same Blizzard DNA, and is a hard charging, aggressive all-mountain ski. With a 125mm tip and 110mm tail it pulls a 19m radius which, while not as tight as some other skis in this size range (for example the Scott Crusade) nevertheless gives it plenty of scope of carving short and medium turns. Its construction features a wood core with two sheets of titanium for additional stiffness, and like the other skis in the range, it’s built using Blizzard’s “Flipcore” method. This means that the ski’s rockered profile is built into the mold itself, rather than being forced into shape by pressure changes later on. Blizzard have also give the Brahma a traditional camber underfoot, which gives it great edge grip though the turns, while the tip and tail rocker clean up the entry to and release from the turns.


The result is a ski that is an absolute blast to ride across a wide range of “resort” type conditions. On groomed snow the Blizzard Brahma locks on and turns with the best of them, while its reasonable width and stiffness means it blasts through crud with ease. It’s also pretty handy in softer snow, though those who hold real deep powder ambitions will feel happier with a fatter ski like the Bonafide. Overall though, the Brahma is a fantastic option for someone looking for mid-fat ski that will perform brilliantly from piste to light powder.


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