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K2 Aftershock Review

K2 Aftershock 2012 skis

Sitting at the top end of K2’s “A.M.P” range of skis, the Aftershock is the spiritual successor to the venerable K2 Apache Recon. The Recon was one of the classic, 50/50 all-mountain skis, equally happy in powder on piste, though its 78mm now waist seems narrow in comparison to the modern equivalent – how things change in just a few years!

The Aftershock brings the concept up to date. K2 classify the ski as being 30% groomed to 70% ungroomed, but in reality, if you’re genuinely spending 70% of your time in ungroomed snow then you would probably be better off with more focused soft snow ski than this. However, the Aftershock is a great option for the skier who, like so many of us, spends a fair amount of time on groomed snow and so doesn’t want to compromise that aspect of performance, but also wants a ski that can handle the powder when conditions allow.

The 130-84-114mm sidecut profile gives the K2 Aftershock a radius of 17m at the 174cm ski length, with what K2 call a “progressive sidecut” – a dual radius (tighter at the tip and tail, and shallower in the middle) to aid turn initiation. The Aftershock also combines a rocker tip with a regular camber under middle of the ski.

What does all this technology mean on how the Aftershock skis? On piste, the Aftershock is a dynamic and lively ski and holds its edge well thanks to the regular camber underfoot. Off piste, the rocker tip aids floatation and allows the Aftershock to blast through the powder. It’s also adept at dealing with chopped up crud and mixed conditions. Overall, the Aftershock is a great ski for a skier who wants one pair of skis that can handle pretty much anything the mountain can throw at them!

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  • Great in powder
  • On piste performance not compromised by soft snow features
  • Genius on-quiver ski


  • We’re struggling here… but maybe the topsheet graphics could be a bit more exciting!


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