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Patagonia Triolet Jacket

Patagonia Triolet Jacket Review

Although we at Snowgenius love the latest skiing gear, amazingly I had managed to make do with the same faithful Helly Hansen ski jacket for over 9 years. Eventually the chest pocket zipper entirely broke (it being the ideal spot for a piste map) and, while the jacket was still otherwise intact, I decided it was finally time for some new kit!


patagonia-trioletAfter a bit of research, and being briefly tempted towards a down-lined jacket that was ostensibly also waterproof (hmmm…) I took Snowgenius’ own advice and opted for a breathable hard shell – enter the Patagonia Triolet Goretex jacket.


The Triolet jacket follows a simple design, but is beautifully constructed and has a real quality feel about it. It is actually part of Patagonia’s climbing range, which means it doesn’t have a powder skirt, but with the relatively slim fit and the ability to cinch the waist in, I didn’t find I got any cold drafts up the jacket, or indeed any powder in during a couple of tumbles in some deep snow. The jacket has 4 pockets on the front – 2 hand warmer (cut high to sit above a harness or pack strap) and 2 smaller chest pockets. Inside, there is a further mesh pocket on the left side, though this isn’t zippered, and so I didn’t feel confident in putting anything important in there. The pit zips are excellent – running nearly half way down the arms and a good length down the torso, they allow heat to be dumped easily when you’re working hard or when the sun is shining.


The jacket features a number of elastic cords to adjust the fit. In addition to the waist cord, there are cords to adjust both the height that the hood sits at (great for use over a helmet) and the fit of the hood around the head itself, so you can fit the hood very snugly if you’re using it without a helmet. The toggles for the cords are embedded in the fabric under small rubberised panels, which keeps the jacket as neat as possible.


As the name suggests, the Triolet jacket is comprised of 3 layers of fabric – the Goretex membrane being sandwiched between the nylon outer shells and an inner lining for increased durability. The waterproof zips are also worthy of mention, as they remove the need for saggy storm flaps on the outside. The zippers are quite stiff though, although they ease up a bit with use.


One point to note is that the arms of the Triolet are above-averagely long – this is actually great for skiing, since you can pole along or reach up for a ski lift bar without fear of the jacket riding up. Those with somewhat shorter arms may want to try the jacket on for size though, especially if you plan on using it as an off-season general waterproof as well – something that, with its climbing roots, the Triolet is well-suited for.


Overall, the Patagonia Triolet is an excellent choice as a top quality hard shell ski jacket. Teamed with a down or synthetic fill mid layer it will withstand the coldest and snowiest conditions, while over a thin fleece or even just a base layer it is perfect for Spring skiing conditions. A jacket for all seasons!



– Beautifully made and simple, unfussy style
– Bombproof quality and Goretex waterproof fabric
– excellent pit zips


– No zipper on inside pocket
– No powder skirt

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