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Introduction to ski kit

For newcomers to skiing the sport seems to come with a lot of paraphernalia.  Sadly there is no escaping the amount of kit you need to have, and as you progress in the sport you’ll find that there’s more and more kit that you’ll need (or more accurately, want) to buy.  The good news is that for most seasoned skiers, although many won’t admit it, choosing and buying kit is all part of the fun.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll break the kit you’ll need in to “soft” wear (clothing, underwear, gloves, safety devices) and “hard” wear (skis, boots, poles etc).

In this article we will attempt to give clear guidance over what kit you’ll need to get going, as well as what kit you’ll want as you progress.


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Introduction As our mothers always tell us, layering up is the way to keep warm.  Despite all the technical fabrics and innovations we’ve seen in ski equipment over the last few years, this still holds true today.  The choice and range of layers now is mind-boggling, but we’ll break this down to explain what you …

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