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Mar 31

Hot hot Megeve

Snowgenius is in Megeve for the weekend, and it is hot!  It’s 15 deg C in the town, and even on the mountain it doesn’t get much below 10 deg C. But don’t despair, the skiing is still actually quite good.  They’ve done a good job of looking after the pistes, but you need to …

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Jan 02

Morzine – Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let it Rain!

snowgenius is in Morzine for some New Year skiing, hoping to capitalise on some of the tremendous snow that Europe has been receiving.  Unfortunately whilst the snow last week was reportedly excellent, by the time we arrived on the 31st December the temperatures were above freezing and any precipitation was falling as rain.  Yesterday there …

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Dec 16

Winter Park update…

So finally it snowed here in Winter Park!  Up on the hill it snowed all through the day yesterday, and carried on into the night.  Sadly it wasn’t several feet of phat powder, but the three inches that fell made a real difference to the quality of the pistes.  Several new runs have been opened …

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Dec 13

Winter Park update…

The good news is that there is snow.  The bad news is that much of it is man made, and there isn’t enough of it.  The only part of the mountain open is Winter Park itself.  Mary Jane, Parsenn Bowl, Vasquez Cirque and Vasquez Ridge are all closed for lack of the white stuff.  This …

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